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Faxing and Scanning

Document Scanning and Faxing Services in Buffalo

One of the biggest challenges faced for individuals and smaller offices is the digital transmission of physical documents. Rapid Ray's has you covered with our awesome Scanning and Faxing services.

Document Scanning into a PDF

As the world has shifted to digital transmission of files, we can help by converting your documents into a handy, easy to send digital file in PDF format. Stop in to our shop at 300 Broadway near Downtown Buffalo and one of our team members will gladly convert your pile of papers into a handy PDF to easily email or upload.

Faxing; Sending and Receiving

It is 2020, and you probably don't have a fax machine, and if you do, it probably doesnt work because you dont have a phone line. That's OK! We have you covered. We can securely transmit that sensitive document via facsimile (that's the fancy word for Fax) to your recipient, or, we can serve as the recipient for an important document that you need to receive. Just provide the sender with our Fax number (716-852-5208), and we will hold it in our office for you to pick up.

Can You Fax Currency?

No. You cannot fax cash, a check, nor a money order.

Can you convert my document to a PDF?

Absolutely. Bring in what you need converted into a digital file, and we will get it done!

Is faxing cool?

It depends who you ask. Most fax machines historically tend to deliver and receive documents that are hard to read, traditionally low quality, and they always seem to be a little crooked. We have really good Fax machines!